August 24, 2014

ALS Instead of ice: Olivia Wilde takes breast milk shower!

Olivia Wilde takes breast milk shower

It runs currently through the net like no other online trend: in the meantime has become a cult ice shower under the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. While so do a celebrity and Normalo long ago tired of the constant new videos and nominations, has actress Olivia Wilde showed very creative and turned the challenge a little off: They doused himself with a bucket of milk

On YouTube clip of young mom just a stir ensures, for she had evidently no desire for an icy shower and countered.
"I hope it's okay I could just find no water, so I just take breast milk I. took me all night for it. "
 As announced engages Olivia then actually to a vessel in which a milky, viscous mass is, and poured the entire contents over his head. That this actually is breast milk, was once an open question, but one or the other observer should this video probably still spoil the appetite. . Pinkel after the confession is probably the next attempt Olivia, to delight their fans with a little disgust Humor

Olivia Wilde takes breast milk shower

Olivia Wilde takes breast milk shower

If you're curious to Olivia ALS Challenge now, you can watch the entire clip here:

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