September 03, 2014

After Scandal: Naked-Hacker is proud of his deed

After Scandal: Naked-Hacker is proud of his deed

Only at the beginning of the week it was announced that, many nude pictures have surfaced on the internet of some celebrities, such as Jennifer Lawrence. After it was clear that these pictures had not been intended for the public, now the hacker has come forward to speak for themselves

Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst, Kaley Cuoco - them all and many more were victims of this hacker attack. One of the thieves was now visibly proud against the Daily Mail: "This was the result of months of hard work of everyone involved, we appreciate your donations and applaud your excitement.." But, as was already suspected, the speaker is not alone behind the deed: "folks, I wanted to let you know that I did not do this alone There are some people who were there off and on which I could rely. so that was made possible. "

Apparently, the ladies are concerned here not only a single perpetrator, but a whole gang of bad guys over. If the ladies now only to wish that not get more intimate moments to the public.

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