September 11, 2014

Court of South Africa: Oscar Pistorius is not guilty of first-degree murder

Oscar Pistorius is not guilty of first-degree murder

Today, the court in South Africa has recognized unproven accusation Paralympic Oscar Pistorius in the first-degree murder of his girlfriend Riva Stinkamp on the night of February 14, 2013. According to the judge of the Supreme Court in Pretoria Tokozile Masipy, the prosecution failed to provide solid evidence.

However, Pistorius may be found guilty of manslaughter. In this case, he will face up to 15 years in prison.

Recall trial of Oscar Pistorius began March 3, 2014 and received wide publicity in the international media. Paralympic admitted that Reeve Stinkamp shot by him. But, he said, he did it because he has penetrated into her house burglar. Woman with gunshot wounds found in the toilet Pistorius in Pretoria.

In late June, the results became known psychiatric examination: at the time of the murder Paralympic was sane. He passed a medical examination during the month, as the prosecutor insisted on it. This was done to ensure that lawyers Oscar could not file an appeal on the basis of his mental disorder.

Court of South Africa_Oscar Pistorius

Court of South Africa_Oscar Pistorius

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