October 12, 2014

What? Jennifer Lawrence is on farting men

What? Jennifer Lawrence is on farting men

Jennifer Lawrence is currently very happy with Chris Martin and could imagine to marry the Coldplay frontman also already now. Now the Hunger Games star has revealed what makes a man for them especially attractive - and those are very unusual properties.

"I've always looked for a man who has no inhibitions, to fart in my presence. This is dearer to me than the big, passionate love, because I just prefer a loose time. These relationships are also more intense, so you just you itself can be can be your partner and also himself, "Jennifer said in an interview with Vanity Fair. In addition, her friend should be exactly as they appear on reality TV, because JLaw is a big fan of Real Housewives.

In contrast, they find men who want to argue constantly, completely unattractive. "I do not like the simple and find people who want to discuss everything, totally annoying. This is so unsexy." Apparently Chris meets all these requirements and makes Jennifer so really happy.

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