After 3 years: Christine Neubauer is divorced!

- November 24, 2014

After 3 years: Christine Neubauer is divorced!

It has long been the relationship of actress Christine Neubauer and Lambert Dinzinger no longer intact - three years ago failed marriage of the two. This was followed by an extended waiting period until the couple now finally allowed to designate as officially divorced. Today in the Munich district court was then the decision Christine Lambert and go from now on paper separate ways.

This was confirmed by the spokesperson of the Authority in respect of Celebrity flash, while pointing out that the judgment was not yet final, however. Four weeks left would remain both Christine and her ex-partner to file a complaint against the court decision of the Higher Regional Court. If not, then, a year long conflict would have found a once and for all end. For the time being was also during the preaching, but neither party attended in person, but to which they had sent their lawyers determined that Christine would have to pay a monthly maintenance Lambert of 2,500 euros.

Christine Neubauer is divorced!