Alleged affair unpacks | Michael Phelps: His lover was once a man

- November 21, 2014

Alleged affair unpacks | Michael Phelps: His lover was once a man

The times when swimming star Michael Phelps has made headlines for its success are over. After an alcohol-journey he has gone to rehab. Before that apparently he had an affair and now has an intimate detail revealed about himself.

The 41-year-old Taylor Lianne Chandler claims to have had something to do with the Olympic champion. As Radar Online reports, but it is not born a woman, but as David Roy Fitch. Chandler came to own details as intersex baby. Intersex people can not be clearly assigned to the female or the male sex. So it was with Michael Phelps alleged ex-affair:
"I was born with a male sex organ, but without testicles But I also have a uterus but no ovaries.." 
As a teenager, Taylor Lianne Chandler has decided that she wants to be a woman, and can later perform the necessary operations.

The alleged former mistress of Michael Phelps told the Olympic champion during their affair but none of it. They met the two have loudly Taylor in August of this year at Tinder. During the half time of a football game, in the house of Phelps in Baltimore, then they should be closer.
  "The intimacy with him was great. He has done it, that I felt for the first time in my life as a real woman."
From its past as man Taylor Lianne Chandler Michael Phelps then told in an e-mail after the athlete had gone into rehab. For a response Taylor Lianne Chandler waits in vain so far: "I have never lied to him we were only such a short time together I never had to tell the chances of it..." The self-proclaimed girlfriend does not believe that the relationship with the swimmer continues when he comes out of the deprivation.
"He is a trademark and someone like me to data, is perhaps not the best. I just hope he follows his heart and does not listen to others."
Whether Taylor Lianne Chandler really had an affair with Michael Phelps, however, is not proved beyond reasonable doubt. In the social networks, it makes the impression that they would the attention that she got through her confession, quite enjoy.