November 02, 2014

Kaley Cuoco & Nikki Reed to make Twerk-Girls! (video)

Recently Kaley Cuoco could be pleased with a coveted star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. For The Big Bang Theory star it is currently running just about the offset and Kaley apparently in the very best mood. For now they twerkte together with her colleague Nikki Reed to the bet and took it quite original utensil at hand ...

As Penny is Kaley care in the success sitcom all about Sheldon (Jim Parsons, 41) and Co., but in real life she is just as Nikki, an absolute Tiernärrin. Is no different too to explain that they took a dog poop-shovel to help during their spontaneous dance routine as part of a charity event for tortured animals. Delightfully unpretentious freaked out and the two danced like there was no tomorrow. Even if the whole thing did not seem like a choreographed performance, the two women had simply fun and excited on their own kind attention for their fight against animal cruelty.

The funny clip posted Nikki now on WhoSay and thanked with a witty comment: "If we thus go on tour And by the way, I love how you've improvised with the dog poop-shovel exactly my thing?.." That sounds really after the beginning of a beautiful friendship ...

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