Thanks a great sense of humor. Confident! Taylor Swift is on its Hatern

- November 03, 2014

Confident! Taylor Swift is on its Hatern

Taylor Swift just brought her new album "1989" out and is without question a great success. The popular singer to her fans, of course, can always build it, but as it is like that, one has as sought-after starlet not merely followers. Even people who make Taylor work can be bad, usually not long in coming. But for the 24-year-old that's no problem: The "Shake it Off" -Interpretin is very self conscious about their Hatern.

"I'm willing to have a great sense of humor, especially when it comes to what other people say about me. This is a very liberating feeling," said the good-humored musician in an interview with the British magazine Metro. 

Taylor has other priorities than worrying about silly chatter - they can affect the yes anyway.
The only things that I have control are, how I treat people, how hard I work and how hard I challenge myself as an artist ... everything else is up to the interpretation of the people. So I have to let go of the simple. 

Taylor Swift