Who would have thought that? Jennifer Lawrence open: this is their biggest fear

- November 16, 2014

 Jennifer Lawrence open: this is their biggest fear

Jennifer Lawrence is not afraid known to make themselves sometimes publicly a little fool. Now she revealed unabashedly one of its greatest weaknesses: She hates to sing in front of people. Why this is so, she said with a small taste their art of singing on TV.

In the Late Show with David Letterman Jennifer Lawrence said that she in new Hunger Games Strip - had to sing "Mockingjay Part 1". Until this setting in the box was that it was an agonizing day of shooting for Jennifer - she had even cried on the set! "I do not like to sing in front of people. It's pretty much my biggest fear. I am since my childhood a burnt child because my mother always preached to me, I would be wonderful in everything I do. But that's true not." 

To demonstrate this fact clearly, Jennifer Lawrence agreed to in the show unceremoniously "A Holly Jolly Christmas" - a performance that they had already handed in their childhood and for which they had laughed at her father uncontrollably.

But do yourself a picture of Jennifer Lawrence singing talent: