1. Statement: Mel B. defended her husband Stephen

- December 29, 2014

1. Statement: Mel B. defended her husband Stephen

There are serious accusations levied there for several weeks against Stephen Belafonte. He should have beaten his famous wife, singer Mel B. His stepdaughter took him already publicly in protection and now also Mel B. manifests itself finally to the accusations.

Already, a family photo that was announced on Christmas with their fans, Mel B. seemed a kind of opinion to be. Only a short time later the 39 years old now has decided to speak directly to the rumors of their relationship and her supposedly violent husband. On Instagram, she wrote: "for the record: my husband would never touch me." Why she so far kept silence, she explained: "Sorry, it took so long, but each response rumors fuels." Clearly, Mel B. keeps her Stephen even in these difficult times. This is also an intimate picture of the two, which added the ex-spice girl to underline her statement to her post.

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