Angelina Jolie got sick with chickenpox

- December 13, 2014

Angelina Jolie got sick with chickenpox

Angelina Jolie had to cancel several scheduled events on her new film, "Unbroken", since she contracted chickenpox. The actress will not be able to attend a number of Premiere showings of his paintings.

Jolie has published an online video in which talks about her illness, and apologizes to fans.

I just want to be honest, so let me explain why I won't be able to attend a series of activities within a few days. Last night I discovered that she contracted chickenpox. So I have to stay at home and Miss all the itch. I can't believe all that happened. This movie is very important to me. But such is life. Get well soon, I hope.

-shared the actress.

The video was released on the official website of the Universal Studio on Facebook. There, it was reported that his wife instead of "Neslomlennomu" to Brad Pitt.

See the video of Angelina Jolie: