Cannon evidence: Princess Charlene Gets 2 girls?

- December 03, 2014

Cannon evidence: Princess Charlene Gets 2 girls?

When Princess Charlene the first-time mothers in the coming days, they may be the same dual Mama called, because it is expecting twins. This much is known so far. What she and her husband Prince Albert have not yet been revealed: the sex of their offspring will have. But perhaps the Monegasque Princely House has already blabbed!

In an interview with the newspaper Monaco Matin Albert said recently was that Charlene Although the sex of the twins knew the communication, but keep this secret for himself, because he did not want to know before birth if he father of girls or boys will. Therefore, it should remain a surprise how many gunshots are fired after giving birth to celebrate the birth of the baby. For a prince, there are 101 traditional cannon shots, for a girl 21. But it said in a recent statement from Monaco yet: "To celebrate the joyous arrival of these two children, forty-two guns are fired (twenty-one for each child) from Fort Antoine."

Pretty suspicious! It would therefore only logical that Charlene two girls expected. Soon the world will know.