Flirty! Ariana Grande turtelt with her Big Sean

- December 17, 2014

Flirty! Ariana Grande turtelt with her Big Sean

They did a secret so long, but since the relationship by Ariana Grande and big Sean was made public, the two lovebirds are seriously in love. Constantly cuddling and spooning the musicians, who all apparently floating on cloud nine. Also a new snapshot now shows: Ariana is totally besotted in her treasure and hand to him literally!

Instagram, a teen idol Ariana a cute photo of himself and big Sean has posted, from the downright sparks out. Totally happy to spotlight the two, look deep into your eyes and shine to the bet. Also the comment on the post reveals how much Ariana feels attracted to her favorite. A simple "happiest" is sufficient to underscore their feelings - but say images known to be already more than thousand words.

Ariana Grande