Hammer duo! Beyonce plans song with Taylor Swift

- December 26, 2014

Hammer duo! Beyonce plans song with Taylor Swift

Wow, that really would be a real killer combination that would bring the music industry belonging to the quake! Allegedly, namely announce a collaboration of two of the most successful artists ever - we are talking about country music icon Taylor Swift and R & B superstar Beyonce!

Both ladies look back at the end of 2014 a very successful year, Beyonce went with her Grammy nominations in history and Taylor launched by the world like a rocket. So what could be more appropriate than to combine the two powerful women, and to lead a class project in the way? This probably thought Jay-Z, because that will be the initiator of the alleged collaboration. He wants to expand his already handsome fortune even further and get this Taylor Swift on board, as Hollywood Life reports. "Taylor Swift's birthday was not just a fun night, it was a business meeting for her, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake," said an insider. And indeed, the 25th was celebrated with a huge array of stars the singer.

Although there were currently no plans yet for the duet, but Taylor will be quite taken with the idea.