Happy! Mandy Capristo defies Love tangle

- December 17, 2014

Happy! Mandy Capristo defies Love tangle

A jury job in the new  DSDS-season and a new album in the wings: Mandy Capristo has every reason to look forward to the year ahead. Why since 2014 still tends to indulge or have perhaps even by the amorous roller coaster ride with kicker Mesut Özilrunterziehen? The power woman showed up again by her cheerful - and beautiful - side and made their fans so happier than ever.

Because they had to overlooking the collage to Facebook directly determine "good mood :) supination !!!!" The work on their second album in Los Angeles Mandy seems not only to do good, but to give her along the way also the necessary distance from the events of the last few weeks in Germany. "You can see that you're doing better, Mandy. That's nice, I am glad," seemed not only a singer, but with it one or the other're a big grin on his face to have. As fast can the former Monrose singer just not give in - so much power will be rewarded!

Mandy Capristo