Hot! Christmas Miley Cyrus lolls lasciviously | On a sports car

- December 23, 2014

Hot! Christmas Miley Cyrus lolls lasciviously | On a sports car

Miley Cyrus as a Christmas Elf? More: Miley Cyrus as a lascivious Christmas Elf girl on a hot sport sled? Oh, Yes, there really are these photos! Apparently is the funky American already right in the mood a few days before Christmas Eve and throw neatly in pose when it comes to the perfect PIC for the holidays. Whether it's perhaps among other things such snapshots, that she may not spend the Festival of all festivals with her beau of Patrick Schwarzenegger? Miley should be known to be too inappropriate for the mother of Maria Shriver?

But it seems that "we can't stop" Stader not to disturb - on the contrary. Because even with smoking - probably grass - in a mischievous reindeer costume the pop princess is photographed in order to plug well their fans with their all too ferienhaften mood. Whether her photos from are likely to encounter Patricks on Instagram also love? This should have threatened to but MOM his wife, not wanting to celebrate Christmas with his Miley. Whether their fun covering action but could increase the odds on an invitation to the Kennedys? Let me see...

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