James vs. Label | Shot Jester: Twitter ban for Blunt

- December 06, 2014

James vs. Label | Shot Jester: Twitter ban for Blunt

I sing every night songs that I hate I'm still learning to love them I just think of the money and makes me smile
 - These provocative words left James Blunt in a show of Australian Edition fall of The Voice. In the network, the mischievous and ironic singer is like biting.

His record company shares his humor but obviously not. You should have summarily issued a Twitter ban him.

"They asked me to immediately stop it, because this Pandora's box was opened," revealed the "You're Beautiful" -Interpret in an interview with British television magazine Radio Times. But with whom already makes wide disappointment at having to do without amusing comments in the network in the future on James', who had calmed down. The Jester notes the request of his record company any more seriously as himself:
I'll take that everything seriously. I'll laugh about others and about myself. Once I was on Twitter, I have done that.
James Blunt