Sad: Lady Gaga was raped at 19 | Today she can talk about it

- December 03, 2014

Sad: Lady Gaga was raped at 19 | Today she can talk about it

A completely unexpected and sad confession made now one of the most eccentric glamor queens. Lady Gaga told the first time that she was raped as a young woman of an older man. Many years and many treatments later, they can about what happened to her, talk and says:
I've seen a couple of terrible things.

How the Daily Mail reports, the singer told the radio interview with Howard Stern Legend that she was raped at the age of 19 years of a 20-year old music producer.
I was 19, I attended a Catholic school and then passed through these crazy things and I thought, 'Oh, adults are?' ... I was very naive.
She has since processed with professional help what happened, but a long time displaced Lady GaGa action and told them to anyone:
I do not even admit it to myself for a long time itself. And then I thought at some point, 'You know what? All the drinking and the nonsense, you need to be the origin of the whole, otherwise it will lead to nothing. It will not go away '.
That was the point at which the 28-year-old made mental and physical therapies and healing process continues to this day nudged.

Today, she says, she could even laugh at the terrible things that had happened to her.