Adele & Lady GaGa: Unequal Sisters Selfie

- January 26, 2015

What a sweet star Selfie! What Adele and Lady GaGa together? Besides a huge voice, a huge fan base and a career to which they all envy (with mid-20s mind you), at first glance not much. Now, the two prove that they but apparently happy to spend your Wednesday evenings together.

"Can't beat a mittwöchlichen BRO-down with the beautiful Adele", writes the GaGa under an Instagram photo that shows the two singers in intimate togetherness. Bro-down - actually a gentlemen's evening with a lot of alcohol, but at two so emancipated ladies like this, the men must submit just sometimes a bit of its territory. And also this photo shows once more how different Adele and Lady GaGa are actually - the one without makeup with tousled hair. the other eyelashes glued-on and wasserstoffblonder mane.

 But in addition to the obvious sympathy there is still something that combines the two: supposedly a common song at the end of the year to delight the fans of the two power women! Until then, there's hopefully a lot of pretty candids.
Adele & Lady GaGa: Unequal Sisters Selfie