But a lip surgery? You can still: Kylie Jenner naturally

- January 13, 2015

But a lip surgery? You can still: Kylie Jenner naturally

Who is this unvarnished girl? Yes, it is actually the Selfie addict Kylie Jenner. Is anything but shy, the youngest of the Kardashian clan for more permissive body pics, it looks very different in terms of makeup-free appearances. Her face is usually not just quietly melted, so the teenager looks often older than their just 17 years. Especially their predilection for lip liner even already often provoked speculation about a beauty-OP. But now shows Kylie times their natural side and post a photo that really presents them without makeup on Instagram.

And actually need the reality star, who is preferably extremely sexy and it quite arouses concern her father Bruce Jenner to hide all other than behind Foundation, eye shadow, mascara, Rouge and lipstick. The homemade snapshot proves: Kylie is spared by the widespread problem of puberty blemished skin and can show up "topless" confident. The timing of the photo posts seems to be elected but not quite by accident. Because the amount of their very sexy pictures on the Internet recently made headlines - the new Selfie should be there maybe a small antidote? As the photo reveals the teen sweet page of Kylie instead of a sexy, more. However: after a beauty intervention there will be probably no end stubbornly remaining questions. Kylie always emphasizes their flashy full lips were only the result of their skillful makeup technique, shows the PIC rather the opposite - because even without tuition Kylie has done a very full lips.

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