Known from 'Marry Me' | Pregnant Casey Wilson reveals: It's a boy

- January 13, 2015

Known from 'Marry Me' | Pregnant Casey Wilson reveals: It's a boy

With a supporting role in the critically acclaimed "gone girl" and her leading role in the sitcom "Marry Me" was a full success professionally for actress Casey Wilson the year 2014. And privately, they're for the TV star, who married last may, the turning Bay writer David Caspe, who participates in writing also "Marry Me", super. Casey is expecting her first child, revealing now also the sex of their baby.

Guest on the today show the 34-year-old revealed that she expect a boy. While Casey is now on the birth of their child in may, she told but also that the pregnancy – especially at the beginning - not easy for them. She have had to struggle with difficulties. "My husband says it:" so many women are radiant pregnant women, but you're not to do this.'", reported Casey jokingly in an interview,"he means it as a compliment. I had a heavier pregnancy, but I'm here and I'm happy to be here. My son and I, we had a difficult start, but I think we can get through this. He has however a lot of trouble with me".

Now, Casey's son keeps his proud MOM so neatly on their toes. And that will be just right, once the kid in the world. Casey Wilson can thus look forward to lots of hustle and bustle in the House.