Pom-pom girl: Charli XCX loves school girl look

- January 03, 2015

Pom-pom girl: Charli XCX loves school girl look

Shooting star Charli XCX made aware for the first time along side Iggy azalea on himself. Now she storms the charts alone with her own song "Boom Clap". Also as far as their styling, know the singer what she wants.

In an interview with Promiflash, the 22-year-old revealed: "I want to inspire people and never do anything twice." In terms of fashion, this is however not always quite so easy and also Naoya has outfits and clothes, who like more than once she wears. She likes presents itself as a sexy cheerleader. Short skirts and plenty of skin are just full of Abdulaziz thing. This is also often reflected in their compositions inspired by the 1990s. But also for fancier occasions she can dress themselves properly. Instead of skimpy clothes of the hose then ever reveals herself in elegant black evening dress.

Charli XCX loves school girl look