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As a teen: Vanessa Hudgens a Gothic Girl was

Vanessa Hudgens a Gothic Girl was

Nowadays you can see Vanessa Hudgens either styled in sporty look or from head to toe. Girly, sexy and Hippie - Vanessa it comes to fashion is definitely it. But that was not always so. Hard to believe, but true: The actress did not always have so much fun at fashion as today and even went through a phase that describes it today as their Gothic-Girl-time

Like most teenagers experienced the. former High School Musical actress, what it's like not to feel unattractive and at peace with himself. While she loves it today, trendy to experiment and thus also draw attention to herself, she wanted to be sooner rather obviously overlooked - especially by the opposite sex. The biggest challenge for them as adolescents is to "find himself and himself to remain faithful," she revealed towards Flaunt, "I had a phase where I did not want that guys look at me" The Gothic-style allowed Vanessa seem to withdraw and not necessarily be attractive to guys.

That should have ever worked, is probably currently almost impossible to believe. If the pretty and sexy Vanessa Hudgens but really just all over. And luckily you do that now nothing more: "I love to be me It's hard to be yourself - you have to look in his innermost and perceive painful truths, but to liberate themselves from the judgment of others.. , feels so great. " The 25-year-old seems to have learned to give not much on the opinions of others, often less important people and easy to do - and also to carry the - what she likes.

As a teen: Vanessa Hudgens a Gothic Girl was