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Baby Desired: Sylvie Meis will again be Mama

Sylvie Meis will again be Mama

How much Sylvie Meis loves her son Damian (8), do not just paparazzi snapshots from vacation considerably. The presenter has now even disclosed that she absolutely cherishes the desire to have another child.

Sylvie Meis loves her son Damian

With the Austrian magazine Madonna said Sylvie about how her cancer still affects their lives. Regularly makes the 36-year-old it checked. These studies, however, give her not only certainty about their health. "For the five-year anniversary I was investigating various other things so I know now that another family planning nothing stands in the way, what makes me particularly happy Who knows what the future holds -.. A second baby would be nice. I would hope, "she confessed in an interview. From a man who can meet her this longing for a sibling for Damian, is not yet known.