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Because Nicki Minaj: Miley Cyrus twerkt never again!

Miley Cyrus is regarded as the inventor of the quasi Twerkings. At the MTV Video Music Awards last year shocked the audience with her racy performance with Robin Thicke. At this moment, the trend of Twerkings was born, but that is now over for the scandal noodle be!

When she saw at this year's VMAs performance of Nicki Minaj, to the 21-year-old's decision have taken to stop the bum-wiggling. To her new hit "Anaconda" was Nicki her sexy curves in hot poses and let Miley so obviously look old. "I have such a body, I can 'Wrecking Ball' perform, but I'm not such an ass - not like 'Anaconda'", played the Blonde on Shaking the new queen of

"I have. I retired [from Twerking] ", clarified the former Disney star told MTV. Whether this statement is but actually meant it seriously, was once an open question. In its future performances we'll see how strictly they adhere to their own words.