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Carol Dantas shows photo of Neymar son in the face after receiving tortada

photo of Neymar son in the face after receiving tortada

Carol Dantas used his Instagram, Sunday, 24, to show a photo where David Lucca, his son with the player Neymar, appears with his face smeared with cake, after leading a tortada face. The boy full three years and also received a statement from the mother. "My baby! Today is a happy day because David Lucca is completing another day of life. Has a lot of health, is blessed and loved others, but strange because I see my baby growing and turning into a little man full of personality! The David is a very special child has a glow that only God knows ... I am grateful to God because I have the love of my life, my companion and my heart with just one person, he always wants to see me happy and not crying, so small and already understands a lot, "she wrote.

The mother of the son of Neymar continued" Thanks for making me the happiest mother in the world and love that God gives you a lot of wisdom that continue to bless you too, that only put good people on our side and you are always so kind and so happy! "Your days on earth told with the blessings of the Lord, not a day you want to miss the most perfect and pure love! Child full of joy "Congratulations !!".

Neymar also used his Instagram, Sunday, 24, to congratulate his son. "Congratulations my son, that God may be leading you always !! Daddy loves you !!! endless love".

David Lucca

Also on Sunday, David Lucca will win a party birthday, organized by the mother, on a Children's buffet in the city of Santos. Inspired by the movie "Cars", yet the hashtag # DL3anos was created so that guests can write to post pictures of the event.

Birthday invitation of David Lucca

On Saturday, David Lucca won a puppy pet. The shared image by the mother of the boy, he appears embracing the new family member.

David Lucca