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Christine Lagarde put under investigation for "negligence"

The Executive Director of the international monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde announced today have been put in review Eve in Paris to "negligence" in the arbitration between Bernard Tapie and the Credit Lyonnais investigation. It does not, however, intend to resign from the leadership of the IMF: "I returned to work in Washington this afternoon", she said to AFP.

"She is extremely combative", told Reuters one close to the Director General of the IMF. "She considers this totally unfounded decision and instructed his lawyer to file remedies."

This case deals with the arbitral award of 2008 which had granted some 400 million euros to Bernard Tapie - which EUR 45 million in respect of the harm morale - to end the long dispute between the businessman to Crédit Lyonnais on the resale of Adidas.

Judges seek to determine if this award is the result of a "mock" Arbitration organized with the endorsement of the power of the time.