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Corset: Endangered Kim Kardashian their health?

Corset Endangered Kim Kardashian their health

It seems the life of Kim Kardashian is currently only to go about achieving the perfect figure for it. To achieve this goal, carrying the 33-year-old most recently, a corset - not so dangerous, experts warn.

On their Instagram page posted Kim a few days ago a photo that shows her in a studio.. About a sporty white outfit she wears it a corset. So they want to "train" her waist to get the perfect hourglass figure. One expert explained to this measure on Radar Online:
They want to but do not take health issues into account, only to fit into clothes With any diet or any exercise, it can have dire consequences if it pushes his body in a wrong direction or him. interfering positions constrained.
At first glance it is a corset of course tempting, eventually it puts the body in a form that you may not be able to reach even with a lot of training. But such tight clothing can constrain the institutions, cause convulsions and respiratory problems, warns an expert.

As inspiration Kim has probably taken her sister Khloe Kardashian for example, which in the spring completely enthusiastic about their Corset has shown.