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Famous use jewelry to adorn your nails. Approves or disapproves?

Famous use jewelry to adorn your nails
The singer Lily Allen wore mini chain, polka dots, sequins and Swaroski tips for styling your nails

Decorate your nails requires extra investment. The singer Rita Ora, eg, disbursed about £ 120 000.

Rita Ora uses nails decorated
Rita Ora uses nails decorated. Singer applied mini ties in ruby ​​and gold spiders to show style on the red carpet 

Nails done every week is a priority for most women when it comes to beauty. The famous, for example, are always investing in different colors and textures to show style. The nail arts are already part of the life of stars such as Lily Allen, Nicki Minaj, Vanessa Hudgens and many others. But there is a tendency for the exotic has caught the attention of manicures!

Nicki Minaj aposta em diferentes cores
Nicki Minaj bet in different colors and types of crystals to embellish the nails

The stars of the pop scene are investing now in the application of jewels to make the most produced nails. In recent red carpet in Los Angeles, Rita Ora paraded minilaços in ruby ​​and gold miniaranhas glued on the nails. According to American sites, play the singer surpassed $ 56 000 (about £ 120 000). Despite the somewhat dubious taste, a manicure Renata Cesario, the Ophicina hair, confirms that it is fashionable to exaggerate. "For those who like decorated nails, application of accessories like crystals is the best option," she says.

And women with well Curtinhas nails are released? A manicure says yes. "No problem. But the designs and applications need to be much smaller to give reading "recommends Renata, indicating the use of clove oil and empowering basis to maintain the strength of your nails. "In addition to wear gloves when you clean the house or wash the dishes, you must get one day a week without nail polish so they can breathe," explains professional.

The singer Vanessa Hudgens put
The singer Vanessa Hudgens has put up religious images and sequins to decorate the nails