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First Love: Chloe Moretz appeared in public with her boyfriend

Chloe Moretz appeared in public with her boyfriend

In early August, in the press talking about the romance between Chloe Moretz and Brooklyn Behemom, but the actress has denied recent media information: she claimed that she and her 15-year-old son of Victoria and David Beckham couples only friendship.

Not only , in a recent interview with a celebrity said that is not going to waste your precious time on the relationship:

I'm only 17 and I do not want to spend that time on the relationship - they call me a sense of constant tension, as if I was constantly must watch every step.

But there it was, the other day the paparazzi have caught Moretz on the streets of New York with the alleged boyfriend! The young star, holding hands with his elect, went on an evening stroll in the Big Apple. Later, the newly formed pair for a bike ride with friends.

How did you learn as a journalist, a young man named Julian Moraes, he was 18 years old and he is from a wealthy family.

Well, apparently, Chloe met the first love, and for the senses, as we know, no rules exist.

Julian and Chloe Moretz Moraes

Julian and Chloe Moretz Moraes