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Hot! Katy Perry shows up as paddling Princess

Katy Perry heated their fans currently on their "The Prismatic World Tour" neat one. But a really hot show they actually delivered from off the concert stage. During a short tour break she laid with her crew namely a boozy bath day at an amusement park, and arrived safely in Action not only yourself sweat.

A tight, black triangle bikini, fine, pink sandals and a lofty Short Sleeve Cardigan, who could barely cover their shoulders - with this revealing outfit presented itself Katy, as she abstattete the Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas visiting. But what you want with an unnecessary amount of substance in the body, if one plunges into the cold water? And that Katy this paddling Action mastered particularly well, she shows a video of their trip on Instagram. Surrounded by their male crew members, they dive and can shoot under water as she makes faxing. In just Katy this is not just a party queen, but also a paddling Princess

particularly hot: As Katy and her camera out of the water resurface, swivels the lens directly on their barely covered porch. Oh, là, là! So there were also fans who were on the day at the amusement park not by chance, looking forward to a hot performance of their favorite siren. That Katy's breasts have so many followers, recently demonstrated that even Hollywood actress Keira Knightley, which showed a little envious of the magnificent curves of the singer.