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Joan Rivers was transferred to one of the clinics in New York with the cessation of breathing

Currently, Joan Rivers is one of the clinics in New York, where she was taken a few hours ago in critical condition. Thank for the news blogger GayFriendlyGirl.

Health problems comedic actress, TV presenter and business woman began during a planned medical procedure on the vocal cords star: 81-year-old actress suddenly stopped breathing, and then was rushed to the intensive care unit Hospital Mount Sinai.

daughter celebrities - Melissa Rivers - flew to the Big Apple, as soon as I heard about the incident. A little later, she made a statement in which he thanked the fans of his mother:
I want to thank everyone who has supported my mother. Now she rests. Next to her whole family. We ask you about is that you continue to pray for continued mentally.
According to the Western press, the doctors put Rivers in pharmacological coma from which she will be withdrawn only after a few days. However, official confirmation of this has yet been received.

uskao wishes a speedy recovery to one of the most eccentric and popular TV presenter in the states!