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Justin Bieber poses for selfie with Selena Gomez

Singers appear together in a photo released by the teen idol  in his profile on the social network.

Justin Bieber posed for selfie with (ex?) Girlfriend Selena Gomez. The singers appear together in a photograph distributed by the teen idol in his profile on the social network Instagram..

If Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dating resumed there was no official announcement to confirm. Anyway, the two were seen together by fans and on the night of Tuesday, 26, the teen star troublemaker stoked the curiosity of your followers on Instagram to post a picture of the former - or current -. Legend without any

For fans of the boy, the posting was not well received. Many followers of Bieber came to say who loathed the girl, who before the singer had already posted a similar selfie on your own profile, with the same cord in the neck with a pendant that reads S, Selena, obviously.