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KIRA PLASTININA is image campaign Fall-Winter 2014-15

KIRA PLASTININA is image campaign Fall-Winter 2014-15

Image campaign of the new autumn-winter season brings the heroine Kira Plastinina ... in space! Place a mysterious, fantastic and will only become more attractive and exciting.

The shooting took place in the pavilion with futuristic decorations simulating uncharted planet. Photographer advertising campaign made by Danil Golovkin.
Dreams of space travel has always interested me. Boundless Universe, bright light of supernovae, weightlessness and so many secrets ... I'm sure I'm not only in love with the space and gaze at the constellations in the night. My new collection is created for such a dreamer like me. When all the roads I presume, why not invent a new adventure on the planet? - Shares his thoughts designer Kira Plastinina. - On the set, we tried to imagine the space walk dreams. Amazing light, fantastic freedom and no suits. We have put into orbit something beautiful . 
Uniforms for space traveler became kaleydoskopnymi dresses with prints and classic coat. Reflecting on the galaxy and cold stars, Kira Plastinina not forget about the main requirement - clothes from the new collection of space should be beautiful and comfortable for all. Dreams of interstellar odyssey will not prevent the girls look appropriate in the world - in a dress with a white collar, neat suits and comfortable svetshotah.


Kira Plastinina