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Kourtney Kardashian: pajama salad in the family bed

If there is something even better post the US-Stars on the internet, as pictures of yourself, then there are snapshots of their children. Particularly surprising: Despite the Celebrity Kids flood of images, there are always photos that are so incredibly cute that a delighted sigh the best will can not help themselves as viewers

just such a sigh moment. now succeeded Kourtney Kardashian caught a normal, but very private moment with the camera and posted on her Instagram profile. In the picture Kourtney's children Mason (4) and Penelope (2) can be seen, the totally knotted together in bed and sleep. Particularly captivating are also still match the color of pajamas in pink and blue. Whether the kids are next to their Nanny, can not say exactly, but it is clear that the two extremely comfortable obviously. In the words of the proud mom ". Happy Monday"

No wonder that pregnant Kourtney is totally happy and want to share the spontaneous snapshot with the world. A fortiori, if the siblings look so adorable when the sandman has visited them ... Sigh.