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Kristen Stewart gets "any role"

Just a few weeks lost Kristen Stewart an insanely lucrative and highly coveted role: In the next part of "Snow White and the Huntsman" it is in fact no longer embody the Snow Maiden. Despite this incident, however, the young actress a thing is still pretty sure that if she wants, she can pull each film commitment to country that she likes

In such a tenor at least the outermost Starlet now in the current! issue of the magazine interview, where a long conversation between her and her co-star from "Clouds of Sils Maria", Juliette Binoche, was published. What the former Twilight star because it is by itself, bursting with self-confidence: "It could almost make it seem as if I could allow myself after a successful film just about everything And you know what I can do It's incredible.? : I can do whatever I want ". Accordingly finds Kristen, she was in a privileged situation for which they would need also not be ashamed: "I have never beg for a role I can get any role with a snap of the fingers, and I do not fight on the way up. like many other actors. "

For Kristen is her career something like a large map on which they would have to do is decide which road she chooses next. Because, as the actress, for she was "every door open."