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Makeup-free & beautiful: Kesha shows natural freckles Splendour

Kesha shows natural freckles Splendour

Most recently, singer Kesha presented during the MTV Video Music Awards lived authentically and with a colorful and flowing mane, which sought equal. But privately, the musician can enchant quite - as a completely unadorned and yet irresistibly graceful Selfie proves

Because wherever may be executed slips freckles other stars, with Kesha in any event they grace abound the jaws and the fine nose. . On Instagram posted the "Your Love Is My Drug" -Interpretin the self-portrait shot that proves: This young lady does not need a make-up artist to still radiate a natural charm and a certain grace. With the word "Meow" embroidered beanie sets to the hipster-colored counterpoint, the trendy and graceful makes the picture all in all at the same time!