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Mila Kunis the sports with giant ball

Great if to keep expectant mothers during pregnancy fit and not let their baby ball stop them as often as possible to move. This has probably Mila Kunis thought, as she and her be made on the way to the Pilates studio mega round baby belly.

Ashton Kutcher and his girlfriend soon expect their first child together and as can be seen on the current photo is from the inconspicuous little belly that Mila always hidden discreetly, has become a tense affair that could be covered by either a Pilates mat or from any other fitness utensil. And why should it? Finally, all the world would be with them. And although Mila looks annoyed usual, one has to say that she looks really cute in her comfortable sports outfit. Where the blue shirt will fit pretty soon ...
Hopefully mother and child remain fit and healthy, then one should soon look forward to the first snapshots of Ashton, Mila and her little bundle of joy.