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New doll woman: Richi Lolita as a teen Barbie

Richi Lolita as a teen Barbie

Valeria Lukyanov a has managed to become world famous as a puppeteer woman. Your photos bring viewers again and again to marvel. But now they face competition from Lolita Richi, a 16-year-old Ukrainian. 

Like its predecessor Lolita has a lush porch, a small waist and of course especially delicate facial features. She also claims that her body would not undergo surgery. Unlike Valeria, the only supposedly takes fluids to yourself, do not even dieting Lolita. A push-up bra comes but then sometimes used, as she told the Daily Mail. It aspires to perfection: "If a girl has no beautiful eyes, it should wear contact lenses if they have a crooked nose, she needs to do something about it.." About 7000 fans she has already accumulated on Facebook. There she posts regular photos in skimpy outfits, receiving their 33-year-old mother Anya from her.

"I am the ultimate vamp. This Image I represent better than any other. I have not even by Valeria Lukyanova heard, "said the young girl is extremely confident with respect to the original dolls woman. However, their fan page has already more than a million followers.

valeria lukyanova

Richi Lolita

Richi Lolita