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New song from Lady Gaga Madonna will snipe? Find out who has already sent in indirect songs

Check out what are the songs that are exchanging barbs between famous and you could not imagine

Since Lady Gaga emerged in the music world, was much compared to Madonna. Behind the scenes, say that the two do not get along very well and that Madonna really think Gaga wants to emulate it. The two came to star in a scene from the American comedy show Saturday Night Live mocking this rivalry. They pretend to leave the slap! After that, they loosened either dig around, but the most serious quarrel seems to have passed. Only now, another rumor on the internet can rekindle this fight. Madonna had written a song for his new CD called Two Steps Behind Me, something like "Two Steps Behind Me." In social networks, say the letter is a clear dig at Gaga. . Excerpt See the letter below

- You're a copycat. Where is my royalty? You are a beautiful girl, I admit, but do not steal my recipe is right for you. 

Madonna has not confirmed that story for now, but the reviews are already boiling. Other artists have also sent in indirect songs. See below!