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Pamela Anderson has refused to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Pamela Anderson refused to pour ice water and take part in a charity flashmob ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which aims - helping sick amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Star accused scientists struggling with the disease of the nervous system, in tests on animals.

47-year-old actress wrote on her Facebook page the following:

I'm sorry, but I can not take part in the action. Yes, I love the bold challenges and I like to communicate to people any problems in a fun and unusual way. Instead, I suggest ALS Association to stop animal testing.

Then Anderson said that scientists have conducted tests on mice:

They drilled holes in the skulls, infected them with serious illnesses and were forced to run on an inclined plane until they fainted from exhaustion. And the monkeys were injected chemicals in the brain and bone marrow, and then they were killed and dismembered.

According to Pamela, such experiments have not yielded results:

Attempts to cure human diseases based on outdated and inconclusive experiments not only cruel. In addition, all this causes incredible damage to people who are desperate for a cure.

Next Anderson refers to the friends and fans:

Please help scientists make real progress in treating human diseases: visit Site HumaneSeal.org and support funds, which do not harm the animals and spend time and resources to search for promising, advanced and humane treatment.

Recall that Pamela Anderson is a member of PETA and has been actively fought for the rights of animals. Earlier shares Ice Bucket Challenge attended numerous businessmen, stars, ordinary people and even animals. People who are going to support the charity campaign, should be poured onto a bucket of cold water and put a video on the Internet.

Followed they can throw a similar challenge others if they do not will pour ice water during the day, it will be required to make a donation of one hundred dollars to fund ALS Association. If they do not take the call, they will be able to restrict a fee of ten dollars. Pour ice water refused, for example, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin.