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Real? Kourtney Kardashian called her a liar

How Kourtney Kardashian claims to have bought a mold infested home of American football player Keyshawn Johnson. The mold is dangerous have been simply painted over with color and but now discovered yet. Now Kourtney are temporarily pulled Scott Disick including man and the two children in a hotel. However, Keyshawn called the future Dreifachmami in return as a liar.

Because supposedly Keyshawn in the two and a half years that he has lived in the mansion in Calabasas, have not painted a single wall. This tells any case, a source told TMZ. He is also of the opinion that the mold has formed only after Kourtney and her family have already moved into the house. Shortly after their collection is namely a line in the bathroom broke. The athlete is really upset, because in the area where the dangerous mold was found, his children slept. . Never he would expose his loved ones to such a risk

Now Keyshawn has even let proclaim a statement through his lawyer: "There has never been any water damage in the house that I sold to Ms. Kardashian There is a new house. I have built less than ten years. There was never any water or mold problems. before selling the house has been thoroughly inspected by experts. I do not know what water is to have given, since they are fed, but I wish . everything Good "

Nevertheless, on a dispute in court may well already set all concerned, since the pregnant Kourtney is currently be quite in Stänkerlaune.