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Rock fan: Victoria Beckham in Los Angeles airport

Victoria Beckham in Los Angeles airport

On Wednesday, August 28, Victoria Beckham, who this summer is torn between the two cities and continents - once again arrived at the airport in Los Angeles to once again go to London. And again, its image has not gone unnoticed - and this from a designer style icons we do not expect!

Main component of the dress was a black star with a skull T-shirt dedicated to the popular 70s band Grateful Dead. Also at Victoria were dark skinny jeans and boots Christian Louboutin vyskoie with lapel, which adorned leopard print.

Few more touches to the portrait: massive steel men's watch, large sunglasses and a stylish, sloppy blow - his dark curls celebrity slung over one shoulder.

Recall in London prepares to open flagship boutique designer brand Victoria and family in California Beckham spends carefree summer days. That is why the decorations for stylish image Vicky lately often serve as runways and racks passport control.

Victoria Beckham at the Los Angeles airport

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham