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Sarah Hyland broke up with Matt Prokop

Sarah Hyland broke up with Matt Prokop

As reported by the Western press, Sarah Hyland parted with Matt Prokop. Star of TV series "Modern Family" met with her boyfriend for five years. Still, the actors decided to remain friends - news of this confirmed by a representative 23-year-old Highland.

Source magazine Us Weekly reported the following:
Sarah feels fine. Just did not happen. She is young. They decided it was better to be friends.
Note that on August 25, Sarah came to the ceremony, "Emmy" without a satellite.

Hyland and Prokop met in 2008 on the casting show "High School Musical 3: Graduation. " Three years later, they played together in a film studio Disney "Beautiful" Prince. "Matt and Sarah lived together, and even got a dog breed design maltipu named Barkley Bixby.

In 2012, Hyland had to go on a kidney transplant, as it suffers from a lifetime multicystic kidney. In an interview, the actress admitted that Prokop was around all the time:
He helps me with drugs, drove the doctors. Any other 21-year-old man would not be around - that I'm sure for sure. I am one of the happiest girls in the world.

Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop