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Shakira and Gerard Piqué, waiting for second child

Rumors that Shakira and Gerard Pique, recently became parents for the first time, are already waiting for a new entrant, confirmed a month ago, a friend of the star. And now, when a popular singer in person, in an interview with Spanish Cosmopolitan, announced that she was pregnant - as they say, it's official. Thank for the news blogger Silvermoon.

Recall that in an April interview foreign press Shakira stated that:
If not all of my musical projects, I would have been pregnant again. In general, I want to have with Gerard was eight or nine children - own football team.
Seems to schedule a pop star to unload, and 19-month-old Milan will soon be brother or sister - active Currently different sources contain conflicting versions in this respect.

Recall, 37-year-old singer and 27-year-old, despite the fact that their relationship lasted for four years, not in a hurry to tie the knot:
In our relations already have the most important thing: the unity and love - to each other and to the child. 

Official marriage is unlikely to change anything in our otnosheniyah.My glad that Shakira's dream come to life, and congratulations on a beautiful couple with the upcoming happy event.