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She reveals her beauty tricks: So Rihanna brings her skin to the rays!

It shows itself like and it can also: Rihanna has probably already exposed every inch of her skin while others made very easy with her radiant sight in the shadows. But the singer is not about basking in their own glory. . Has now just reveal their personal beauty tricks .

As unmistakable as the shimmer effect on Rihanna's skin, so easy it seems to conjure him - at least, when you hear talk about the sexy siren so. In your experience, namely reaches a very simple diet
If I feel that my skin is, I stroke the alcohol completely and drink water in masses.
The morning after the Chanel Couture show last year I had a jet lag that I hardly slept, and I had been drinking the night before a couple of glasses of wine. I just thought:
Oh my God, I look totally out of old! Who is this person? 

Fits this is RiRi on an almost natural make-up:
 I mix moisturizer and a drop of the Foundation, a little mascara, lipstick and you're perfect.
 Anyway had lipstick her secret recipe for seemingly flawless appearance:
 It draws attention away from all stain, if someone is wearing lipstick, you take just that they are made up in the whole face And men are as stupid - they will not notice. that you're not.