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Sweet consolation: Harper Beckham dad relieves pain

David Beckham dad relieves pain

In an accident with his motorcycle a few days ago David Beckham was fortunately largely unharmed. Only his right arm has suffered injuries. The wounds have disappeared under a white bandage, the daughter Harper Seven Beckham  examined curious.

In an accident with his motorcycle a few days ago David Beckham

What a sweet consolation for David, who has been looking very determined about the welfare of its youngest and cheer her allowed. So be a pain in the arm is determined completely forgotten soon. With a blue bow in her hair and two braids on the side of Harper looked totally cute. On the arm of her father David the Small was photographed at the airport in Los Angeles.

They were joined by Brooklyn (15) and Cruz (9), two of Harper Brothers. As an elder, Brooklyn progressed and his family paved the way through the numerous paparazzi. These were once perfectly styled Beckhams front of the camera lens. No wonder, is Victoria Beckham fashionable head of the family.

Beckham family

Beckham family