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Team Britney Spears prohibits David Lucado communicate with her

Team Britney Spears under the leadership of her father Jamie guardian prohibits the ex-boyfriend singer David Lucado to communicate with her. According to Western media, he wants to talk to her in person to find out the relationship and explain for the video and flirting with an unknown woman.

One of the sources close to the Lucado said:

David tells his friends that a few weeks ago - when he was filmed on video dancing with a girl - she and Britney were not together at one hundred percent. He wants to explain, but hit a wall in the form of her team.

Representatives Spears, in turn, said the portal TMZ, that Lucado - persona non grata on the show the singer in Las Vegas and in her home. In addition, the phone number of blacklisted and blocked.

Plus, ex-boyfriend allegedly never heard of breaking with Britney personally from it, so he wants to communicate and to understand whether he has a chance . Just so the team prevents them from communicating Spears - suddenly she forgive him?

By the way, even before the announcement of the news about the separation Lucado Spears and her father bought that same video evidence of treason, which was otfotoshopleno numerous media. So if the media now venture to host this video, Jamie Spears to sue as the holder of the rights. Adding that Jamie "pleased" the daughter of the very videotape.

As for the stars, then a few hours after the announcement of the break with a loved one she took the stage at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. According to insiders, she is upset, but it is going to focus on the show and move on.