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They are wanted by the police: the new friend Miley Cyrus trouble with the law

At the last weekend ceremony MTV VMA 2014 Miley Cyrus touched viewers noble act: getting his reward she entrusted a young man named Jesse Helt, who seize the moment and told the audience about his difficult fate.

Singer decided to get everyone attention to the problem of disadvantaged youth in the United States, and therefore came to the event in the company of a homeless guy, that he shared his own story and made the audience think.

Jesse literally became famous in an instant: it is not surprising that the media is interested in his personality. And found a lot of interesting things: for example, the fact that the 22-year-old Helta long-standing problems with the law.

Reporters contacted police in Salem, Oregon, and learned that four years ago, a young man was arrested for attempted burglary of the apartment. And this is not an isolated incident ended for him in trouble with the police. Now Jesse is wanted: he violated the terms of probation and has not been assigned to him by the court tests on the blood levels of the drug.

Mother Jesse, Linda Helt, told reporters that her son moved to Los Angeles, where intended to find work in the modeling industry, but because of some "difficult situation" appeared in the street.

Cyrus met Heltom, when I came to the charity My Friends' Place. Linda says he hopes to return his son home, because the singer paid him for participating in the MTV VMA and the money he had promised to spend for a return ticket.

However, the home has not yet returned to Jesse: may suddenly become famous, he and does not want to leave Los Angeles.
Jesse Helt and Miley Cyrus at the ceremony MTV VMA

Jesse Helt and Miley Cyrus at the ceremony MTV VMA