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Vanessa Hudgens shows navel in magazine cover

In an interview with 'Flaunt', she talked about her first boyfriend

Vanessa Hudgens star was chosen to grace the cover of the August issue of the magazine "Flaunt". In an interview with the publication, Vanessa, who was once girlfriend of Zac Efron, spoke about her first boyfriend. "Well, my first boyfriend was in 6th grade. At that time, thought it was a great relationship, but that was the farthest thing you can imagine. Existed some rules too. Could not you let your boyfriend finished, you had to finish with him, "said the singer.

Despite being a big fan of yoga, Vanessa said that is not too restricted in their diet: "You only have one life and there are so many delicious things like chocolate and wine." Then Vanessa explained that her biggest problem was to discover in adolescence. "Discover and be who you are. This takes so much energy, it's easier to hide behind a mask. I mean, I had a time that shopped at Hot Topic. Did not want the boys to look at me but it made things easier, "he said.